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Undeniable Artist of 2019: Abby Anderson

From the first time we heard Abby Anderson perform her debut single “Make Him Wait” last year, we knew she was something special. Ty Bentli thinks she’s SO special, that he has named Abby his next Undeniable Artist of 2019.

Check below for all of Abby’s performances and interviews from throughout the week as our #Undeniable2019 house band.


On-Air Interviews

Abby Anderson Talks Parents’ Divorce & the Song It Inspired


Abby Anderson on New Music and Life Growing Up


Abby Anderson Talks Life in High School


Abby Anderson Discusses Her Love Life


Abby Anderson Explains Inspiration Behind Her Song “I’m Good”


“Good Lord” Performance



“Not In the Picture Anymore” Performance


“Guy Like You” Performance



“Bringing Everyone Up” Performance


“I’m Good” Performance


“Make Him Wait” Performance

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