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Undeniable Artist of 2019: Caylee Hammack

There’s a LOT of buzz surrounding Caylee Hammack in Nashville and across the country… and for good reason! We invited Caylee to be part of our Undeniable Artist of 2019 series because, as soon as you see her perform once, you’ll be sold, too.

Throughout the week, Caylee performed in-studio, and we even got the chance to chat with her about how she’s gotten to where she is today.


Caylee Hammack Reveals Why David Bowie is Her Fashion Role Model


Caylee Hammack Discusses “Family Tree” Music Video & Life Growing Up


Caylee Hammack Tells Stories Behind Writing “‘Preciatcha” & “Just Friends”


Caylee Hammack Describes Having To Use a Fake ID to Play Bars


What a House Fire Taught Caylee Hammack


“Family Tree” Performance


“Just Friends” Performance


“Redhead” Performance


“‘Preciatcha” Performance


“Looking for a Lighter” Performance

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