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WATCH: Marine Surprises His Younger Sister at School After Being Bullied


We received this video from Jaclynn, and we couldn’t help but share for today’s #SweetestThing…

“This is a video of my oldest son and daughter. My daughter was being picked on at school and only had one friend to talk to and sit with. She was bullied to the point no one would sit at her table, and if her friend wasn’t at school, she would send me pictures of an empty table simply saying “another day of isolation.”

Her brother had left for Marine corp boot camp and had been gone for months while she went through this. He has always been her rock so she felt even more alone. After hearing of his sister’s problems, he decided to go see her at school on her lunch after his graduation when he got home. She said it was the best day of her life because he was home for a little while and the kids stopped picking on her. They would walk up to her and tell her how cool it is her brother is a Marine.”

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