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Undeniable Artist of 2019: Haley & Michaels

All this week we’ve been introducing you to Haley & Michaels, made up of Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, and showing you why we think their talent is UNDENIABLE!

Check below to watch as they perform in-studio as part of our #Undeniable2019 series and catch videos of Ty interviewing the married duo.


Click here to listen to “Hail Mary.”

Click here to watch the music video for “Hail Mary.”


Haley & Michaels Perform “Hail Mary” Acoustic


Haley & Michaels Perform “High Note” Acoustic


Haley & Michaels Perform “Giving It All (To You)” Acoustic


Haley & Michaels Perform “Drunk Text” Acoustic


Haley & Michaels Perform “Drinking About You” Acoustic


Haley & Michaels Tell the Story Behind “High Note” & the Highlight of Being a Kid


Haley & Michaels Reveal Horrible Dating Stories


Haley & Michaels on Filming the Music Video for “Hail Mary” & Performing on Monday Night Football


Haley & Michaels Explain the Story Behind “Drunk Text” & Talk Bad Songs They’ve Written


Haley & Michaels Reveal How They Met & Explain What They Love About Each Other

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